Why do some agents make sales fast, while others languish doing the wrong activities?

Newer agents: How to allocate your time. We all have the same amount of time. Yet, some agents start their careers like rockets, launching fast. Others just can’t seem to get a foothold. 

I’m just finishing my new book, Launching Right in Real Estate: What They Won’t Teach You in Pre-License School (out in about 3 weeks). Although the book is written for the person thinking about real estate as a career, or is in pre-license, this book actually is a treasure trove for any agent. Why? It

  1. Lays out a simple, effective business start-up plan
  2. It exposes the mistakes agents make in launch, that costs them time and money–and sometimes a whole career
  3. It helps agent budget–both personally and professionally

Time Allocations for Newer Agents

You attend training school. You learn lots of interesting–and sometimes valuable-information. But, you seldom learn how to organize your business, prioritize your time, and measure your advancement. One of the basic premises to success is to allocate your time to the right activities. Here’s my list, from Launching Right in Real Estate:

Common Time Management Mistakes

We go into real estate with lots of confidence. We love houses. We like people. We want to help people. Then, we find out there’s a whole lot to learn. So, we spend most of our time ‘getting ready’. I’ve watched new agents spend many months learning–and avoiding jumping on what I term the sales path--talking to, working with, and selling homes to real people. 

Compare Your Time Management to My Allocations

What do you see as differences? What are the activities leading you to a sale? What are the activities that actually protect you from working with those challenging people–those potential clients? What adjustments do you want to make to create a faster career launch for yourself? 

Whether you’re in pre-license now, or launching your career, this book will be an invaluable success companion. Order Launching Right now at 1/2 price: $12.95.