Which kind of marketing is working best now–passive marketing or active lead generation?

Marketing (spending money and waiting for responses) was working when the real estate industry was going strong. Agents could spend marketing dollars and expect to gain new clients. Then, it all changed. What happened? The pandemic. Instead of people responding to marketing, they stayed home and  ‘cocooned’.  

What’s Working Now?

But, some agents are having great years. What’s the difference? The agents who actively lead generated are doing well. What do these agents do?

Reach out to their potential, present, and past clients with meaningful messages. In other words, they actively lead generate.

A Different Kind of Lead Generation

However, there’s one big difference. Instead of asking, “Do you want to buy or sell?”–agents are calling to stay in touch and to offer help. 

Connections Agents Are Making

Here are the twelve types of connections that agents all over the United States are making. 

  • Create a brainstorm group of agents to share ideas on connections—from Sandee McDuffie, Las Vegas, NV.
  • Interview area experts (doctors, attorneys, schoolteachers, health experts) in a Facebook live or Zoom call. Record these. Publish to Facebook, with an ad to boost. Joshua Service, Bellevue, Wa.
  • Create a food drive for those in need.
  • Support your favorite local restaurant by publicizing it on your Facebook page. Diane Lucas, Bellevue, Wa.
  • Take a ‘care package’ of masks, gloves, hand sanitizer etc. to your clients
  • Send a short video with a list of all types of resources to your client base. Sandee McDuffie, Las Vegas. NV.
  • Send a gift that resonates with them and you: One agent sent peanuts with a card
  • Drop off some pansies with a note
  • Going through your database (or your phone) and just catching up with people you haven’t talked to for awhile. They appreciate your caring !
  • Share a book you just read or love (positive) with a text, then a note with the book, and then another text
  • Send something in the mail often: $50 grocery card with thank you note; Starbucks card
  • Publish the latest statistics from your MLS ; share with clients. In some areas, that’s great news! Compare with last December. Chris Cross, Bellevue, Wa.

Your turn. What are you doing to keep your business relationships alive so that, when the market returns, your clients will remember you and think of you for their real estate needs.

Do you think agents who are waiting it out will return to a viable career?


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