folling down stairsAnytime the market changes, the seminar gurus jump on the bandwagon and offer their expert advice. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s just there to offer a contrarian view and get speaking dates (or sell product….). There is one piece of advice that I’ll agree with: the client doesn’t list with the company. The client lists with you. You can certainly talk about the company benefits, but that won’t set you apart from those other 1000 agents in the company. It won’t set you apart from agents in other companies.

What Will Set You Apart

What will set you apart is showing how you are different and what you will do for the client—your marketing plan—in writing.

You CAN use the company presentation as a starting point, but add the specific marketing strategies you’ll do. Add the statistics and proof to support your pricing claims. Your presentation should be 10% company and 90% YOU.

Evaluate your Presentation Now

Are you using your company presentation? Are you relying on the company features to get that listing? If so, I know you’re having trouble getting listings–and getting listings at the right price. Just for an experiment, take out all the information about the company. What’s left? Nothing? Woops…….

20 Things You’re Going to Do for the Client

Quick. Get a piece of paper and write 20 things you’re going to do for the client–and why they’re important. Now, that’s going to become your marketing plan. Put the items in the order of execution, and make a place for dates to complete. You’re going to present this to the seller and tell the seller you’ll be accountable to the results. Now, you’ve started making a presentation/marketing plan that you can count on–and that the client can count on.

3 D power listing coverEverything You Need to Make your Listing Presentation YOUR True Marketing Presentation

I just completed a new resource, Your Complete Power Listing System. It has everything you need to turn that ‘blab’ company presentation into your trust-creating, credibility-building marketing presentation.  Included: a complete tutorial (95 pages), plus 25 documents to use, ready to customize. You’ll also receive the 2 PowerPoint presentations (total of 90 slides!) and the Topic Pages, to use to organize a hard copy presentation. All this for the introductory price of $99.95. And, it’s immediately downloadable (great for international clients!) Click here to find out more.

Great agents have created systems, and here is your complete sellers’ system, from the first time you talk with them on the phone, to after that listing sells. You’ll impress even the toughest sellers as professional, organized, and knowledgeable.

Much More than Just a Presentation

Yes, this resource includes a 55-slide PowerPoint presentation, with dozens of pieces of evidence to price right, many from the newest Realtor statistics. (And, you’ll get coaching in how to present each point). But, this resource is much more than just a presentation. It is also a complete tutorial on how to list right-priced properties to build a fantastic reputation. This system was built by master trainer Carla Cross, drawing on her years as a top agent—and her work with top agents nationally.

How to Establish Trust and Credibility

Listing properties that sell isn’t just skill. It’s really about creating unassailable credibility. Carla shows you how to go way past words and illustrate and substantiate what you know to be true with visuals—powerful, sophisticated visuals. The result: You’ll educate, question, and probe like a seasoned ‘pro’ with the toughest sellers!

Resource Features

PowerPoint Presentation

Complete 55-slide PowerPoint presentation, all ready for you to customize.  This presentation is not from a company point of view. It spotlights YOU, because sellers want to choose you first, not the company. This system spotlights your value proposition, increases your credibility, and impresses sellers with your professionalism.

Hard Copy Presentation

You may be one of those people who prefers a hard copy presentation. It’s here for you, too. 28 topic pages pages, all organized in the order you’ll want to present. This tool includes 25 forms and processes you’ll show sellers to prove you’re dedicated, organized, and systematic (they really, really want these traits in a real estate agent!)
Click here to see more features and to order. Only $99.95 for this complete system.