Don’t rely on company training to make you a superstar. In fact, most company training doesn’t put you to work. Instead, it provides facts and stories through traditional classroom teaching. You sit and listen, while someone who’s been in the business for years tells you everything they know–so you’ll know everything they know.  It’s as though the company wants you to get a degree in real estate–instead of practicing real state. This approach can be interesting–even fascinating–but it doesn’t provide you the platform to succeed.

Company Training Programs’ Biggest Problems

As a National Association of Realtors Educator of the Year, I certainly support training. However, my observation is that few company training programs today fill the bill of what I judge to be valuable training. There are five major problems with company training programs:

1. They aren’t taught as ‘training’. They are taught as ‘education’ (someone tells you all he/she knows, so you know what the teacher knows)

2. They aren’t centered on sales skills. They’re centered on the technical aspects of our business (new agents conclude that memorizing laws and filling in blanks in forms are most important to their success)

3. They aren’t driven by a business-producing start-up plan (and new agents need order and priorities to decide how to put that training to work every day)

4. They aren’t coupled with an action plan, so you put the concepts and skills to work in the field immediately (that way, you practice, learn them, and refine them).

5. They aren’t organized as the business is organized. Instead of learning how to implement your business in a logical manner, most company training programs merely jump from subject to subject.

In my new online program, Up and Running in Real Estate, due out in February, 2013, I’m removing all these barriers to success. I know what works–and I know what doesn’t work. Instead of talking to you for hours, I’ll be explaining and demonstrating concepts and skills. You’ll answer questions, practice those skills, and then have a logical, linear activity plan to put the skills to work in the field. You’ll be measuring your progress and results as you go, so you can see at a glance how you’re doing. You can have a coach, too, to support you and hold you accountable. And, the whole program will be foundationed on the Up and Running business start-up plan. When you graduate in eight weeks, you’ll be flying high, practicing like a pro, with lots of business in your pipeline and sales and listings. You’ll have launched an exceptional career.

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