shaking hands over computerHere’s why you should become a ‘database freak’.

Most new agents are certainly not ‘database freaks’. (In fact, many experienced agents don’t have populated databases….) I estimate less than 5% of agents under a year in the business even have a ‘purged’ (up to date) database! And, I estimate less than 25% have even any sort of populated database. How are they gathering and managing all those contacts they are getting from their lead generation? They aren’t–or they aren’t lead generating.

If you’re one of those who just hasn’t gotten around to populating a database, how are you keeping track of all those you meet? How are  you scheduling a marketing plan for follow-ups? What’s your system for tracking contacts and clients?

Note: Populating a database is just the beginning. You want to step up to Client Relationship Management (CRMs). These are programs that will set up continuing communications with your clients. Many even have built-in marketing plans, so you don’t even have to create any.

Social Networking has Taken the Place of Databases, Carla–You old Fuddy-Duddy…..

I know. You just love social networking. You could spend hours on it (in fact, you do). You go to all those classes on social networking, and, by golly, you know more about it than your manager. Don’t get too cocky yet. There are two problems you’re creating for yourself by relying on social networking:

1. You are probably spending too much time at your computer and not enough time meeting real people and forming relationships. Remember, buying a home is not like buying a set of knives. You’ll have to work hard to establish a trusting relationship. Most of us aren’t good enough at writing to do that without finally meeting someone.

2. You are not gathering your future goldmine–your database full of people who are going to love you and what you do. Instead of you owning it, someone else does!

Who do you ‘Own’?

Here’s the problem with relying on the social networking sites to keep track of your potential clients. You don’t own them. The social networking site could go out of business. It could start charging you. It could sell your contacts.  That’s why you need to ‘own’ those contacts in your own database. Now, you can create a marketing plan. You can communicate with those people on a schedule.

Start and Populate your Database Intensely

You’re a newer agent. You want to make money fast. You want to establish a solid long-term career. Become a ‘database freak’ so that you can remember all those wonderful people you met. Lead generation is the most important part of the sales business. Doing a lot of it assures high income. That means tracking all those people you meet. It takes more than one communication to create a loyal client.

Don’t have a database or CRM? Just start with Outlook. Or, contact your local title company. Some have databases for you–FREE!

New Agent Key to Success: Right Priorities

Those of you who have used Up and Running in 30 Days to start your careers know that I have worked hard to prioritize your business for you so that you are successful quickly, and gain business management habits for life. I’ve prioritized types of business, best sources of leads, and all the activities you’ll do to get started quickly. I want you to prioritize your technology activities, too. Remember, you’re a salesperson.

Become that database freak and see your business develop quickly.

logoAdvice on Databases–and Technology Needs for Newer Agents

In my online training/coaching program, Up and Running in Real Estate,  I‘ve created a list of databases and CRMS. In addition, I have advice on the best technology to use–from my tech experts.

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