man on groundWhy won’t the deal close? You’re a newer agent. You just got your first sale. Congratulations! But, wait a minute. You’ve now got problem after problem. Wasn’t the idea and objective to get that first sale? I know how you did it, too. You were so excited you agreed to work with the first person who seemed faintly interested. I did the same thing as a new agent.  But, now you’ve got big problems. You’re spending all your time putting the sale back together. It keeps threatening to fall apart, and the buyer just isn’t cooperative. You didn’t expect that, did you?

Lead Generation Is Out the Window

You’re busy trying to glue that sale back together. You don’t have time to lead generate. That one sale is the only thing you have going for yourself. It’s your salvation. And, you’re counting on that money. I know. I’ve been there–more than once. But, here’s the problem. While you’re spending all your time and energy trying to hold that sale together, other more qualified, nice, cooperative buyers are choosing other agents.

Watch out. You’re Creating a Peaks and Valleys Business

One of two things will happen now. Either the sale will close or it won’t. But, after one of these things happens, you’re right back to being a new agent. You’ve got no leads. And, the worst news of all this is that

you’re creating a peaks and valleys business


What does this mean to you? It means you’re leaving lots of money on the table because you’re choosing to work with less qualified people, who are difficult and probably won’t be loyal. Look at the roller coaster you’re creating with that behavior. The result of this is that you’re creating a ‘peaks and valleys’ business.

Peaks and Valleys Equal Low Income

Besides teaching yourself poor work habits, you’re actually creating a ‘slumping’ business. As you progress in your business, those valleys get longer and longer. Why? Because you’re choosing to work with ill-qualified people who take your time, aren’t nice to you, and don’t send you referrals. Your morale sinks. When your morale sinks, you meet less people. It’s a vicious cycle, and one that too many agents create. Of course, they don’t create this cycle on purpose. It’s just sub-conscious. And, unfortunately, most of the time, no one is there to catch the agent before he falls into an unrecoverable slump.

peaks and valleys

How to Avoid A Peaks and Valleys Business

Here are the steps:

1. Follow a proven lead generating program.

2. Gain so many leads that YOU get to choose the best ones! Learn to qualify buyers and sellers.

3. Work with a coach so your coach can help you stay on track and get back on track when you falter.

Following my advice, you’ll create a great business you can count on. Creating a peaks and valleys business is dangerous because you learn to be a low producer–and learn to count on iffy sales that fall apart–no matter what you do. Which kind of business do you want?

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