Why does HE get all the leads? When it comes to sales, you’d think some people just seem to have the ‘golden touch’. There are agents seem to be able to convert ‘leads’ into appointments, while others struggle.

George vs. Jerry

I had an opportunity to observe this time and again as a manager. Jerry, in my office, seemed to be able to convert ‘floor time’ calls into appointments with ease. (Floor time, as you may remember, is a scheduled time when agents answer inquiry calls from consumers). George, on the other hand, seemed never to get an appointment while he was assigned floor time.

Who Got all the ‘Good’ Floor Time?

In fact, George accused me of giving Jerry “all the good floor time”. From Jerry’s conversion rates of calls to appointments, it may have seemed like it. However, we simply rotated floor times with all the agents. No one got any better ‘floor time’ than any other agent!

What Jerry Had that George Never Got…..

Why did Jerry convert calls to appointments, while George struggled? You would know the answer if you just listened to each man on the phone. Jerry immediately

established rapport,

asked great questions, and

answered objections masterfully.

He followed up immediately.

Jerry Had Mastered those Sales Skills

He had awesome sales skills. George had no skills, seemed not to care much about the caller, and acted as though he was doing the caller a great favor simply by answering the phone! George didn’t have a respect for sales skills. He thought all talking was the same.

Master Skills if you Want to Gain Leads

What George also didn’t know was that Jerry had spent all of his adult life learning, practicing, and mastering sales skills. He was so good, I had him teach others! Unfortunately, George wasn’t interested in getting better. He just thought, since he was in the office, he should get those ‘conversions’, as Jerry had worked for them.

What’s your attitude about sales skills? Are you willing to learn, practice, self-critique, and get better? Up and Running will help you do just that.