When is training not a good thing? When it keeps you out of the real estate business. I just talked to a new agent who is taking every class known to man (or woman). Why? She wants to be ‘educated’, confident about what she is doing, etc., etc., etc.

What’s Really Going On

There’s nothing wrong with training. I’m a trainer, after all! But, we make money in real estate when we actually DO something, not sit in class and talk about it! Too many times, newer agents hide in the classroom because they’re scared spitless to get out in the field and actually start working in the business.

If you find yourself coming up with all kinds of reasons why you can’t start lead generating with the numbers in Up and Running, and why you just have to take that 1031 Exchange Course, be honest with yourself and admit that you are putting up huge barriers to your own success. 

When Do You Want to Start Making Money?

When do you want to start making money in real estate? What are your manager’s expectations of you? (when does she/he expect you to start making money?) How long can you afford to stay out of starting the business to ‘learn good things’? If you have the Up and Running program, you know

                         the business starts when you start talking to people.

Why You Should Take That Class

Before you sign up for another class, ask yourself:

  1. Is this class absolutely necessary to support my career development right now?
  2. Could I put off taking this class until I have generated the numbers necesssary for success in the Up and Running program?
  3. Why am I really taking this class? What am I hiding from?

The Class You SHOULD Take

If you have the opportunity to be coached or do a small group coaching with the activities in Up and Running, literally run to take advantage of it. Why? Because it will prepare you to win in the ‘contact sport’ of real estate. You need to learn sales skills, you need to gain the presentation packages that will allow you to compete with experienced agents.

Go for Action Classes, not Nice to Know Knowledge

Make your mantra for 2010 “I”m getting into action today.” That way, you won’t want to hide in classes and stop yourself from making money selling real estate. You will have conquered the illness of ‘over-training’ inertia.