You’re relatively new at sales.  I’ll bet your sales manager has suggested several activities for you to do:

  1. Inspect listings
  2. Organize your desk, files, books, etc.
  3. Attend orientation
  4. Get your multiple keys; go to Realtor orientation; attend MLS orientation
  5. Attend training

In fact, many offices have an orientation checklist and even an orientation meeting (or several). You dive into all these activities excited to start your sales career.

The Problem: Those Aren’t The Activities that Make You Money

Look back at that list. What does any of it have to do with sales? It’s all get ready. Now, there’s nothing wrong with organizing and educating yourself–if you only do it for a short period of time! The big mistake new salespeople make is that they keep doing those ‘first week activities’ as a first priority for the remainder of their careers. Don’t do that! (Up and Running categories these activities as “C” activities).

That List is Pre-Sale Stuff

In real estate, we call new homes that are sold prior to their being finished ‘pre-sales’. I want you to think of that list of 5 activities as ‘pre-sale’. You aren’t going to start making money until you get, as Up and Running in 30 Days states,

                                                    on the sales path.

When to Get on That Sales Path

Give yourself one week of ‘pre-sale’ activity. Then, start your Up and Running business start-up plan, so you’ll get a sale in 30 days. (That doesn’t mean you will quit doing those 5 activities. It just means they will take a lower priority to your actually selling something). 

Assure your success by asking someone (either your manager or a professional coach) to coach you to your plan and hold you accountable. Now, you have the right priorities, the right attitude, and the support you need to succeed!

Note to managers: Look at the activities you have the new agent doing in his/her first month. Are they starting the agent on a track to sales success, or are they just keeping the agent busy? Be sure your activity list is a success list, not a busy-work list.