You’re a new real estate agent (and this is true of any ‘outside’ sales job, where you must get your own leads). You’re excited about your career. You have your goals set high. In fact, you want–and maybe even expect– to make a sale in____ days. Fill in that blank!

If you’re like 62% of agents I interviewed for my Become Tomorrow’s Mega-Agent Today book,   you expect to make a sale your first month in the business.

Dumb Luck and Accidents Could Do It–Once….

Two or three years ago, agents were experiencing the best kind of ‘dumb luck’ and happy accidents. Without working hard at it, they sold enough houses to encourage them to stay in the business. Then, the business changed, and they found themselves without those happy ‘accidents’. So, my one most important piece of advice to you is:

Don’t start the business counting on ‘accidents’.

Put yourself on a stringent, strict business start-up plan, get a coach, and stick with it. Now, you’re teaching yourself to drive your business on purpose. That means you’re creating business relationships that will continue to build as you build your career. Think long term!

What if you Don’t Make a Sale that Fast?

How long will you keep perservering if you don’t get that sale that quickly? That’s the question that separates the winners from the “I tried it once and it didn’t work for me” group.

Test your perseverance. Think of a time when you were ready to give up, and, in fact, everyone around you gave up. But, for some reason, you kept on ‘keeping on’. Now, how much perseverance do you have? How much can you muster? As long as you are doing business-producing activities, you should stay ‘in the fray’. A trusted coach can help you evalute your chances for success.

Remember the words of the great comedian, Jonathan Winters: “I didn’t have success, so I started without it.” Remember, we ALL started without success. It was tenacity and perseverance (not just talent), that helped us succeed. You can, too!