pencil on paperWhat’s your real job description? Did you get one when you started in real estate? I’ll bet not. Why not? Wouldn’t it have been critical to know what a successful real estate did every day to create a successful business?

Real vs. Ideal

In truth, whatever we do each day becomes our job description. So, before we go any further,  develop your ‘real’ job description right now.

List all the activities you do in a business week. Now, go back and prioritize them as ‘business producing’ (those that lead directly to a sale) or ‘business supporting’ (those that support those business producing activities).

Okay. Now, compare it with my lists.

Here’s my list of business producing activities:

Business Development (those activities that result in a sale)

  • Contacting prospects (“lead generation”)
  • Following up on “leads” –  only phone and in person count here
  • Qualifying buyers
  • Showing homes to qualified prospects
  • Writing and presenting offers to purchase
  • Giving listing presentations to qualified sellers
  • Listing marketable properties
  • Attending offer presentations on your listings
Here’s my list of Business Supporting Activities
  • Previewing properties
  • All paperwork
  • Mailings/marketing
  • Talking to loan officers, title companies
  • Attending meetings
  • Education/research
  • Creating processes and systems
  • Personal website work/email marketing/social media

How often do you do business producing activities? How often do you do business supporting activities? Write your present job description by looking at how you spend time in those categories of activities right now.

A Prioritized  Job Description of a Successful Real Estate AgentHere’s my job description for a real estate agent.

What do you want to change in your job priorities? How will it affect your career?

bigideaTip: Managers–be sure to provide a prioritized job description at the end of the interview process.