What’s the agent mix in your office? How many new agents, 2-5 year agents, and really ‘seasoned agents do you have? New agents: Do you want to be in an office with lots of new agents like you? There can be some advantages. You’ll all going to go through training school, and will form long-term bonds. On the other hand, unless the manager has good processes and systems, too many new agents at once can really bog down an office. So, find out exactly how the manager ‘manages’ the development of those new agents. 

Is Having Lots of Seasoned Agents in the Office a Good Thing?

 That sounds great, doesn’t it? All those seasoned agents to help you….but, wait. They have their own businesses to run. And, they resent being bothered by question after question. So, don’t think you’re going to dog their tracks and expect them to guarantee your success!

Before You Ask: What’s In It for that Seasoned Agent?

 Before you ask for help from that seasoned agent, you must decide on the benefits to be seasoned agent.  I want you to decide what you will provide in return. Ask yourself, “Why should that seasoned agent help me?” What’s in it for them? Don’t bug those seasoned agents!

In my upcoming Up and Running ion 30 Days Online program (available November, 2012), I suggest you make three resource notebooks—one for technical topics, one for office information, and one for attitude. You need to become your own resource fast. Don’t think those seasoned agents are going to help you out of the goodness of their own hearts. They are under stress and have their own businesses to take care of.

Be Careful Who You Emulate

Just because that agent has been in the business umpteen years doesn’t mean the advice he/she provides is right for you. Rely much more on your manager to guide you. In my opinion, it’s the manager’s job to coach you and provide you the resources to succeed. It’s not that seasoned agent’s job!

Seasoned agents: What has been your experience ‘helping’ new agents? What did you get out of it? What did you learn?