What if you knew how to sell real estate before you were licensed?

This month is ‘training’ month. So, I’m writing blogs to help you get more from your training–whether you’re in pre-license or a seasoned pro. In this blog, we’ll focus on pre-license (pass this on to someone who’s in pre-license right now).

Why Not Work on Selling Real Estate While You’re in Pre-License School?

I know. Until you are licensed,you can’t do the things licensed agents can do. But, you can do many things. And all those things get you ready to hit the ground running. At the end of this blog, I’m providing you my great checklist, 30 Things to Do Right (In Pre-License School) Now to Hit the Ground Running.

What The RE Schools Say about Preparing Agents to Sell Real Estate

Dearborn Real Estate Publishing has published my books for a long time. They work with real estate schools, and publish many books to help pre-license students pass the licensing tests. They just started doing a survey with real estate schools. The 2018-19 survey just came out.

You know that being in pre-license class! In fact, I think we managers and new agents would say that pre-license courses do little to prepare people to sell real estate. And, in truth, that’s not the job the Departments of Licensing expect them to do.

When Should You Start Lead Generating?

My studies show that new agents want to make a sale their first month in the business. But, when do you new agents actually start lead generating? Do you know? I believe they put off the inevitable as long as possible, hoping ‘there’s another way!’ In fact, the more ‘get ready to get ready’ work you have them doing as licensees, the worse their habits become and the less money they make!

A Different Method to Get Them a Check Fast

Instead of waiting until they are licensed, why not get prepared to sell real estate while you are in pre-license school? You can do things like

  • Decide on the database/CRM they want to use and learn how to use it
  • Populate your databases with 100-300 potential clients
  • Prepare an email/hard copy note/letter to all those in their database saying you’ve joined_____________ real estate company

30 Things to Do While in Pre-License School

In fact, as I was writing my eBook, What They Don’t Teach You in Pre-License School, I started thinking about how we could really prepare agents to sell real estate–lots of real estate. That’s how I came up with this checklist. Click here to get it.

I’m Taking It a Step Further

In the next few weeks, I’ll be launching a pilot program to train would-be agents in the basics and get them ready to sell real estate. I’ll be telling you more about it soon. Wouldn’t it be great if each new agent was prepared to work to create a successful real estate career?

Save Time! Get the ‘Scoop’ on Successful Real Estate Sales Here

Would-be agents have a million questions (!) and can take many hours to get answers. Save time and get the real scoop. Grab this eBook.¬† ¬†Check out What They Don’t Teach You in Pre-License School, now in its 2nd edition. Includes tips on how to get real answers in the interview, how to choose the best company for you, and guidance in how to launch your career to success.