If I knew then what I know now……how many times have we said that about relationships, cars, homes–or real estate? What do you wish you’d known prior to entering real estate? What would you have done differently?

I’m getting ready to create the 4th edition of Up and Running in 30 Days, and I want to be sure I am ‘telling the truth attractively’, so that agents entering the business will have a clear view of the business, the work, and will grasp and implement the Up and Running start-up plan. So, help me out and answer the questions below.

Sometimes We Hear It, But We Don’t Listen 

Sometimes, I find that the agent has been told the bold truth in the interview, but really didn’t listen, believe it, or take it to heart. What are some of those things you heard but didn’t grasp or believe? What could have made you believe them and stopped you from making wrong decisions? (I’ll be sure to state these the best way I can, to help others get the right kind of guidance starting their careers).

If It Sounded Too Good in the Interview….

From interviewing hundreds of would-be agents, I know the things they’re told in interview that sound wonderful–and turn out not to be true. Examples:

You won’t have to prospect with us. We’ll give you all the leads. (Really? But, what’s the quality of those leads, and what do you have to do after you get the lead? Are they ready to buy? )

We have great floor time. (Really? If so, why aren’t all the agents in the office selling 40-50 homes a year?)

You’ll get lots of re-lo leads. (Why? What’s the work you have to do with those leads?)

You’ll do great with us. (Sounds like you’re really exceptional and all those other agents in the office aren’t….)

We’re the biggest. you have to be with us to succeed. (So, everyone with you succeeds?)

What You Heard in the Interview–or Not

What did you hear in the interview that turned out not to be true? What do you wish the interviewer would have told you that would have influenced your decision?

Thanks for contributing to the success of others in the industry. It strengthens us all and helps clients regard us with respect.