How would you answer this question as a new real estate agent? If only I had known…..

What do you wish you’d been told in your first year in real estate sales? What income did you expect your first year in the business? How would that advice or strategy affected or changed your success?

Why am I asking? I’m the author of the best-selling start-up plan/book for new real estate agents, Up and Running in 30 Days.  It’s now in its 5th printing. Through the years, I’ve been updating regularly, so it stays relevant.  I want to know, from you, what would have made a positive difference in your career. 

Advice Not Taken….

What advice were you given–that you didn’t take–and wish you had? From interviewing thousands of would-be agents,

If you had to do it over again, what would you have done differently to get you better results?

Pivot Quickly Enough?

With the advent of the pandemic, our industry has had to pivot quickly.  How have you pivoted? How do you need to pivot now? See my advice in my recent webinar, Throw Out Your Business Plan.

Helping Others Succeed

From my surveys of agents under three months in the business, and my many interviews, I know that new agents have much higher income expectations than the reality of the National Association of Realtors’ members’ survey shows. In fact the income for a Realtor under two years in the business was less than $10,000 in 54% of the respondents. (The latest report didn’t break it down further). What were your goals? What was your reality?

Please give me your experience and expertise as I update both my Up and Running in 30 Days program and my online version, Up and Running in Real Estate.