What barriers are you putting in front of your success? Sometimes we want to be ‘right’ so badly that we build a significant and exceptional barrier to actions that would take us closer to our goal. We spend all our energy on resisting actions (even though we know we should take them!).  You say you have no barriers? You fib! Every one of us puts up barriers. Why? Because they protect us from taking risk, from failure, from embarrassment.

Examples of some Barriers that Stop Us from Success

For agents, a common barrier is, “I can’t lead generate. I don’t know the words to use.” or, “I can’t lead generate. It’s not like me to ask people to buy or sell with me.”

Retrain that Brain Before you Sink into Permanent Resistance…

Time to retrain your brain.Here’s how.

Get out of your sleek, spiffy, polished ‘resister car’ and remove your speed barriers

What stops you from getting into action? Pretend that you are in your car, heading to an event you’ve really looked forward to. But, up ahead, there’s a barrier across the road. Do you just sit there and make up reasons why you can’t get to the event? Of course not. You get out of your car, go to that barrier, and move it aside. Let’s do the same for those mental barriers you’ve spent all your energy building up.

What’s your creative sub-conscious taught you to say to resist action?

Getting into action takes guts, it involves risk, and there’s always the danger of failure. Your subconscious rides to the rescue!  It makes up reasons why you just can’t get into action. Here’s an oldie but goodie:

I can’t do that, because I don’t know enough.

Or, maybe your sub-conscious has convinced you that you’re not organized enough to get into action. Or, you’re not perfect enough. You don’t want to be embarrassed, so you’ll wait until you ‘know it all’. All wonderful excuses, but, watch out. Letting our sub-conscious convince us these aren’t excuses—they’re good reasons—puts us into a downward spiral to failure.

Click here to take this ‘resister evaluator’ ‘Test your Attitudes’ to see what and how much energy you’re using to resist getting into action.

Managers: This is a great brain teaser for a meeting. Or, a great evaluator to use with someone who’s failing in real estate.

Talk Back

It sounds easy, but your brain has trained itself to give you these messages to stop you from getting into action. You’ll have to practice telling it to ‘shut up’ (nicely, of course) for 30 days to retrain that brain.

What barriers do you want to remove? Start now!