Did you learn what you needed to know before you leaped into the business? If not, what do you wish you’d known?

Under a year in #real estate sales: What do you wish you’d known?

You’re excited. You’re ready. You want to sell real estate–for a number of reasons. You’ve read the books on how to become gazillionaire real estate agent. All good. After we start selling, however, we find that there’s more to the story than getting a license and waiting for that multi-million dollar career to appear. 

I’m updating and publishing a new edition of my eBook, Launching Right in Real Estate: What They Won’t Teach You in Pre License School. (available by December. Email me at carla@carlacross.com or give me a reply here with your name and email address and I’ll reserve a book for you: $24.95).

In the book, I give plenty of advice and information to those thinking about a career in real estate to save the heartache many agents experience through lack of information or wrong decisions.

Having interviewed hundreds of prospective real estate agents, I found the many areas where they need information–and where they get misinformation. I also quote successful agents on #how to succeed fast in a real estate career. I address #how much money can you make–and when, #how to be successful selling real estate fast #how to get a real estate license, and #how to choose the right office for you.

What Do You Think?

In this edition, I want to include quotes from agents under a year in the business on what they wish they had known prior to making the decision to

  • sell real estate
  • join a particular company
  • start a team
  • take specific advice that they found out was bad for them

Finding Your Way Through The Interview Process

Unfortunately, in the #real estate interview process, most prospective new agents aren’t informed or questioned. They’re just sold. Were you ‘sold’ but not questioned or informed? What would you do differently during the interview process?

(By the way, my book has the #five most important questions to ask in the interview, and the 76 areas you should choose from and ask questions about to assure you’re getting the full story–not just a sales pitch.)

Provide That Hard-Earned Advice

Would you help me by replying with your advice to prospective real estate agents? If I choose to quote you in the book, I’ll provide you a complimentary copy, of course.

Thank you for raising the standards of our real estate industry.