man flying by the seat of his pants
Throw out that old business plan! But, don’t fly by the seat of your pants. Here’s how to pivot now.

Things have changed. Your business plan just doesn’t seem appropriate now. How have many agents reacted? They’re sitting it out, waiting for a better tomorrow.

Sitting it Out will Put You Three Months Behind the Recovery

I know. Agents come into the business when they perceive it’s a ‘good market’–or better yet, on fire. Then, they get out of the business when the market goes into a slump. So, it’s to be expected that many agents will just take a 2-3 month vacation right now. The danger: The agents who are still working will be positioned to take advantage of the market comeback–and those other agents will sit and wonder what’s happening. Don’t let that be you.

Adjust Your Business Plan to Work Smart Now

On April 30, at 10 am PDT, I’m giving a free webinar. I’ll show you how to create what I call a 60-day Pivot Business Plan. (I’ll even provide you the template for that plan). Here are some things for you to research to get ready for that webinar:

  1. Are you positioned in social media so that buyers and sellers can find you? Look at your bio on sites like LInkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Are the bios consistent? Do they need to be polished?
  2. Your website–you do have one, don’t you? Is it up to date? Does it capture your uniqueness? Is it consistent with your social media sites?

I’ll be giving you tips to make the right kind of statement (and a lot of agents’ statements miss the mark).

Why the Emphasis on Digital Identity?

Compare the number of hours you’re sitting at your computer now with the number of hours you spent before the virus visited. Think about the millions of people who are becoming accustomed to digital communication instead of face to face. Do you think they will rely on ‘getting to know you’ more by your digital presence than before? You bet. So, now is the time to polish it.

Matching your Uniqueness to your Markets and Messages

Because we’re communicating so much more digitally, we must be better at communicating who we are and who we serve–and how we serve. In the webinar next week, I’ll lead you through some thought processes to help you underscore your uniqueness and choose the messages that ring true to your clients.

New Communications, New Messages, and New Business Plan

We’re going to walk through the parts of my pared-down, just the important facets of this short-term business plan. Yes, it’s different. Yes, it will carry you through this time and position you for an exceptional third and fourth quarter this year. Join me and let me help you pivot.


Free Webinar Thursday

April 30, 10 am PDT

Build Your Real Estate Business Right Now to Position for Success Later

         Create Your Own Opportunity with an Innovative Plan of Action

You can’t depend on that old business plan now. You need a ‘pivot’ plan. Here it is, and we’ll work together on it.

In this 45-minute, fast-paced webinar, learn specific actions to:

  • Discover your unique value and match it to your natural client base.
  • Choose appropriate messages for specific markets.
  • Use other experts to reach out to your client base as a valued professional, even if you’re a newer agent.
  • Build out your 60-day Pivot Business Plan, created specifically for this market, so you’ll know exactly what to do each day to build a more productive and profitable business

You will receive your 60-Day Pivot Business Plan template as my ‘thanks’ for attending.

Register now. Space is limited.