You’re excited. You’re new to real estate, and you’re going to hold your first public open house. Good for you!

But, instead of just grabbing signs and showing up, prepare for that open house so you can optimize your efforts.

In my online training program, Up and Running in Real Estate, I provide 2 detailed checklists to assure you’re ready for that open house–and that you can use your approach to list more houses.

3 big mistakes that cost them potential clients:

1. Putting flyers–easily accessible–in the home. When agent gives away all the information, there is no need for potential client to engage with agent! Advice: Put the flyers away, and provide after agent has interviewed the potential client. As a great salesperson states, “Sales conversations should be an exchange of information.”

2. Not asking a question to launch the conversation. Instead, agents dump all the information about the home on the unsuspecting client. A great opening question: “Is this your first visit to the area?” Then probe.

3. Not preparing the exterior and the landscaping for optimal showing. If the potential clients don’t like that first impression, they will not go further. Advice: Invest in spiffing up the exterior look.

How to Avoid the Mistakes Most Untrained Agents Make

In my program Up and Running in Real Estate, I have agents visit 10 public open houses, using my critical issues checklist. That way, they see these mistakes before they make them themselves!

With a great preparation, training, and pre-open house inspections, agents can make their open houses pay off.