girl with mirrorWhy Don’t New Agents Make Money Their First Year in the Business?

According to the latest NAR survey, agents in their first 2 years made an average of $8700. NAR didn’t break it down into the first year. But, I know there are too many agents under a year who have made on 1-3 sales! Why? With all the training and coaching available today, wouldn’t you think that new agents would do much better much faster?

Why do you think they languish so long?

Low Production–The Reasons

I have five big reasons for no-low production.

1. My survey of agents under 3 months in the business showed they intended to make a sale in the first month in the business. But, as you know, most of them don’t. So, guess what? Their enthusiasm and motivation dies after month one! Yet, we know it takes much more tenacity and perseverance to lead generate and take all that rejection to get to that first sale. So, the first reason is

Tenacity and motivation dies too quickly when the sale doesn’t happen quickly

2. My second reason is that agents are not told the truth about the business (or, they don’t listen). They think the business is anything BUT lead generation. So, they don’t gain sales skills. They don’t lead generate ‘generously’. Bottom line: They wait and wait for those leads. Not enough leads  = not enough clients = no sales!

3. Third reason: They don’t start the business as a business with a start-up plan. They don’t have action priorities. Instead, they go to ‘training’–where they learn lots of neat stuff–but no priorities. They literally don’t know what to do on Monday to jump-start their businesses.

4. They don’t really start their business–ever. The business starts when you start lead generating. They run out of time, money, and motivation before they ever gather enough leads to screen those leads and work with good clients.

5. They don’t have a coach–someone who helps them straighten out those priorities and stay focused on the important actions in the business. Without a coach to catch their before they fall too far to get up, they create a business with priorities that assure failure.

The Solutions

Start your business on day one with a proven start-up plan.

Get your priorities right by working with a coach you trust.

Lead generate your heart out to find GOOD leads who will be easy to convert–and who will love you!

Doing the three things above will keep  your motivation high until you make that first sale.


There’s only one thing that really motivates: success. You’re in charge of your own success. So, grab that start-up plan, get that coach, and start your successful business!

What do you think causes a newer agent to fail?

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