You’ve new in real estate. Or, perhaps, you are just about to take your licensing exam. If so, this blog is for you. This ‘must have’ technology list is excerpted from my new 4th edition of the new agent’s business start-up plan, Up and Running in 30 Days. (The book gives specific recommendations on companies, programs, etc.)

Get Ready to Hit the Ground Running

Why not get your technology in place now so you can get right into the stream of business on your first day in the office? 

1. Laptop  (and or an iPad)

Work from wherever you are with a laptop so you can find properties, do market analysis, and create presentations anywhere, anytime

2.         Database

Organize your prospects, clients, and affiliates (such as mortgage lenders) in a database (if you’re not extremely computer literate, start with Microsoft Outlook, which almost everyone already has on their computers)

3.        Contact Management

 Organize your follow-up programs for specific target markets via a contact management program

4.         Internet Lead Capture System

Capture and follow up on your Internet leads with Internet lead follow-up technology designed for that purpose

5.        Goals and Actuals Measurement

 Measure your progress to your goals with specific software

6.        Smart Phone

 Keep in contact with your customers via smart phone (you will find it truly amazing how few agents return phone calls)

7.         Personal Digital Assistant (your smart phone?)

Carry your contacts (database), schedule, and so on with you on a personal digital assistant

8.         Your website/blog

Create a personal Web site and/or blog that promotes you and/or provides your prospects and clients access to information they value, such as updates on their property, marketing, or transaction progress

9.         Digital Camera

Take pictures with a digital camera and add them to your Web site

10.      Video Flip Camera

 Invest in a video flip camera so you can promote yourself and your listings via video.

11.      Financial Planning Software

 Budget for your expenses, track expenses, and create, implement, and analyze your profit and loss statements with financial software (such as QuickBooks, Quicken, or Money).

When You Interview

When you interview, find out the resources each company recommends or provides.

Did I miss something. What do you recommend–and why?

Your Technology Needs

  1. A laptop computer
  2. Database of pros­pects, clients, and affiliates
  3. Contact management program
  4. Internet lead follow- up technology
  5. Program to measure your business goals
  6. Cell phone
  7. PDA or smart phone
  8. Personal Web site and/or blog
  9. Digital camera
  10. Video flip camera
  11. Financial management with software