What’s the secret of your success for 2010? Yes, I know you’re getting bombarded about everything you need to do, everything you need to buy–and, by the way, how are you at social networking? Yet, none of those things you buy or the number of times you tweet really make much difference to your success.

The Secret of Your Success in 2010

Is it harder or easier to sell real estate than it was three years ago? Much harder. Are buyers and sellers throwing more objections at salespeople–or are buyers and sellers  easier to close? Harder to close. Do you need to master sales skills now? You bet. Are there more obstacles to getting that check, or are there fewer obstacles? More obstacles.

So, the secret to your success for 2010 is one simple word: Tenacity. It is amazing to me the lack of tenacity in many new salespeople. They give up way too quickly. They expect buyers and sellers to ‘turn themselves in’. They don’t have an appreciation for the need to master the business of selling and the art of sales skills.

If Failure is Not an Option….

I was helping my son, who owns a real estate company, organize his cadre of instructors for his high accountability sales productivity course. To my utter amazement, some of the new agents considered attending this course as optional. One said she was doing things differently (she’s been with the company 5 months and has not made a sale–yes, I guess that is “different”).

There is a Proven Process to Success in Sales

I’ve never met someone who became successful who didn’t have a respect and a great appreciation for processes and systems that are proven to provide success. Inversely, I never met someone who became successful by ‘doing it differently’, or ‘winging it’.

The formula: Follow a Proven System and be Uncommonly Tenacious

Those who are winning big are treating real estate like the serious business it is. They are devoting at least 45-50 hours a week to create their careers. They are following proven systems. And, they are stunningly tenacious.

Is that you for 2010? Why not? Go for it! You will have discovered the secret to  your success.