What’s the real secret to answering objections? If you’re fearful you won’t know the ‘magic words’ to say when the seller or buyer throws them an objection, you’re not alone.

In fact, it’s such a fear, causing such anxiety, that agents unwittingly avoid working with buyers and sellers!

Now, I don’t want to disappoint you. This blog isn’t about giving you all the right answers. That’s not the most important aspect to answering objections (but you thought it was!). Here’s the principle:

It’s not the answers that allow you to control the objection-handling process

It’s applying a communication process!

How NOT to Handle an Objection

When an agent doesn’t know better, she spends lots of anxious hours memorizing what she feels are snazzy, clever answers to all the objections she can think of. Then, she waits impatiently until an unsuspecting buyer or seller throws that objection at her.  Ready with the answer, the agent gives that buyer or seller the answer even before the objection is out of the client’s mouth! This does get a response, but, not the one this agent wants—or probably expects!

The Effect of a Poorly Communicated Objection ‘Answer’

Jumping in with the “right” answer right on top of the client’s objection makes the client feel as though he’s in an argument. And, you know what happens in an argument. Each person really takes ‘goes into his corner’ to take sides! So, when you don’t use a process to handle that objection, you actually make an enemy, rather than solve the problem.

It’s Better NOT to Know the Answer!

Salespeople would get a better result with clients to not answer the objection at all, than to answer in a way that creates adversaries. That can make the client feel dumb or pressured. You don’t want that.

Grasp and Practice a Process to Handle Objections

There are several process approaches to handling objections. Being a simple person, I created one I call the “Triple A” Method. So help you learn the process and hear actual role plays of my partner and I using the process—and providing answers for you, I’ve created a CD and flashcard series—one for buyers, one for sellers, and even one for recruiting. They’re called Objection Busters, and they will help you avoid creating adversaries. They’ll also greatly lower your anxiety and fear in finding and working with your clients (and recruits). Click here for details.

Note to managers: These are great training tools-o-and they’re lots of fun, too. How many sales are your agents losing because of fear of objections?