The best way to communicate your value–and it’s not what you think!

Oh, boy… agents have to have systems and processes for buyers that are just as strong as those developed for sellers. We have to be able to prove value. (My thought is that it should always have been that way…).

So, what do we do? We can, and should, list the services we provide. But, you’ll find that your competition is doing that already. And, those are future promises—not always fulfilled—or believed. Finally, it’s actually boring…..Aside from that, what is most effective?

Telling a compelling story to Demonstrate your Value

Why? Because we believe others’ real life experiences. (These are in the past, and they happened; they are not future projections).  We don’t relate to dry statistics or lists of services. In addition, we can relate to others’ experiences. We may have had similar experiences like that, too. I know this from my many years as an international speaker. And, you know it, too. Remember, in school, if the teacher made you memorize facts? Tends to fly right out of your head. But, you remember those exciting, or surprising, or jarring stories about some historical event.

Some Stories You Can Tell to Explain your Value

  1. How a buyer without representation got caught without a clear path for themselves
  2. How a buyer lost a home they loved because they didn’t have adequate representation
  3. How a great agent puts their valued buyer first—a saga of you persisting in an offer situation while other agents gave up

For example: I was a new agent. I was on my way to present an offer (we presented offers in person to sellers then). My manager caught me going out the door and said, “Don’t leave until you’ve gotten at least three ‘nos’.” Well, okay.  Because of the sellers’ situation, I knew that these sellers should take the buyers’ offer–in some form. So, I persevered. I got three ‘no’s. By the time, it was getting fun. So, I made every excuse in the world not to give up and leave. I got to ten ‘nos’ and finally got a’ yes’–a counter-offer. You might say I was obnoxiously persistent. Maybe, but I knew it was the right time to do–sell the house to these buyers. And, it turned out–it was the right thing to do.

What does the buyer want from you? Tenacity and persistence.  What’s really disconcerting is that I experienced listing and buyers’ agents just giving up and not attempting to get any counter-offers! Wouldn’t the clients be frustrated to learn that their agent didn’t go to the ends of the earth for them?

For more on persistence, See Up and Running in 30 Days, the new agent’s business start-up plan. I’ve found persistence and tenacity to be the best predictor of an agent’s success.

I’m sure you can think of compelling stories out of your experience. If you’re really new and have no stories, go to one of your mentors in your office and get some stories.

How to Tell the Value-based Story

As a member of National Speakers’ Association, I get to hear and be coached by the best speakers and trainers in the world. One of the elite trainers, Lou Heckler, just shared his  professional tips on storytelling. Here’s a synopsis.

  1. Use all the senses (sight, sound, feeling, taste, smell)
  2. Actually perform the story—live it
  3. Create a ‘movie’ of the story (you could also do this on social media, right?)
  4. Build tension in the story

Rehearse the Story First

My husband was a top radio personality for decades. He was a great storyteller. I asked him how he was able to convey a story/joke so well. He said, ‘I rehearse”. He told me he practiced alone in the car. Then, he tried the joke/story out on a few people. Finally, he was ready for a big audience. It was fascinating to hear him tell a story others had told told. He told it much better and always got a big laugh.

Create the Story: What Happens if you Don’t Represent the Buyer?

Ask yourself that question. Then, remember some stories (these are true stories…) that demonstrate your value. You’ll become memorable and people will have the best reasons to choose you!