Anybody to work with is better than nobody. Well, maybe. You’re a newer agent. I know you want to feel you’re busy. So, you may have decided to put everyone who suggests they may buy a home sometime in the future (that’s everybody, isn’t it….) and anyone in your car–just to practice. Are you sure?

About Those Standards

Have you heard the saying, “it’s the pot calling the kettle black”? Okay. I confess. When I was a new agent, I put anyone in the car who would go with me to look at houses! I had no qualifying questions, and I certainly didn’t have any standards for buyers! My motto was

if they got tired before I did, I sold them a home. If I got tired first, I didn’t.

Even with that lousy motto, I sold 40 homes my first full year in real estate–and really tuckered myself out!

Better Too Many than Too Little

Yes, you’ll get practice putting everyone in your car. And, as a coach, I’d rather have you put too many people in your car than not enough (read Up and Running to find out how many you must put in your car to reach your personal goals).  We can always help you qualify better. But, if you’re not willing to take a risk and try selling someone a home, it’s hard to get you to do that!

Develop your Standards as You Go

If you’re a natural salesperson, you’ll dive right in and worry about the rest later. If that’s ‘you’, just start creating your standards and develop them through your first year in the business. Up and Running has suggestions, checklists, and qualification questionnaires to help you do better faster.

No Standards–No Big Successes

Having been a top producer, and studying top producers and surveys of top producers, I’ve discovered that absolutely no top producer has low standards. Why? They just don’t have time to fool around with those who won’t or can’t buy. Make that your long-term goal, and you’ll keep getting better and better clients.