Polish your trust level to platinum!

The ten tips I shared on in a recent radio show can help sales professionals build a ‘platinum level’ of trust.

The Ten Tips

1. Learn non-verbal skills and apply them in writing, on the phone, and in person to establish rapport in an increasingly ‘cold inquiry’ world.

Tip: How fast do you talk? Pace your speech to your potential client (at the beginning of the relationship). You’ll establish rapport. For more on pacing, mirroring, and much more, see a book on this fascinating look at communication: For example see this book:  Neuro-Linguistics. 

2. We believe what others say about a salesperson, not what the salesperson says about themselves. Use testimonials; check evaluation websites to see what consumers are saying about you.

Tip: Do an evaluation after each of your closings. You’ll get the good, the bad, and the ugly–and wonderful testimonials!

Check out www.realestateratingz.com and www.incredibleagents.com.

3. Create an after-the-sale survey and use it consistently. If there’s something wrong, fix it fast.

4. We believe what we see, not what we hear. Show, don’t tell. Use visual presentations consistently.

Tip: Are you still talking through your presentations? Studies show we remember 65% when we see and hear it, but only 10% when we only hear it.

5. Flip your sales presentations. Ask questions—lots of questions—first. Educate. Finally, sell (well, you won’t have to sell if you’re a great questioner).

6. Tell the truth attractively. Show evidence. Don’t try to scare the client into action by predicting  the future.

7. Evaluate the client for long-term relationships. Is the client someone you want to add to your ‘tribe’?

8. Use ‘tough love’ with a client to tell the truth. Be brave enough to turn down a client—to stay true to your values. Do what’s best for the client.

9. Re-cap. Regularly, stop and re-cap with the client. Do this, too, when you can’t meet client expectations.

Tip: We leave out ‘review’, both in our presentations and in our teaching. Don’t dump the whole load!!!!

10. Book of Greatness: Don’t brag about yourself in the middle of a presentation. Create a ‘Book of Greatness’ to use in your pre-first visit so your clients get to know you and your approach to sales.

How do you stack up on this list of 10 ‘platinum’ trust makers?

Assistance in Marketing Yourself Attractively

I’ve created an online tool to help you create effective marketing strategies. Included is a section on creating that Book of Greatness. Check out Marketing You here.