Your client wonders what happened to you……are you waiting for the market to bounce back, or are you driving your own career now?

There’s one huge change you need to make to your business plan right now.

In sales courses, we teach that you are to go find a potential client, and take them through the steps to buy or sell a home. But, right now, that’s probably not going to happen. So, what are you going to do? Change our business plan for awhile.

Generally, agents are reacting to the market change in two ways:

  1. Sit and waiting until the market fires up again or

2. Create a plan to drive their success (instead of the market driving success)

Whic type are you?

If you’ve read my book, Up and Running in 30 Days, or have taken my online training course, Up and Running in Real Estate, you know there are two types of lead generation: Proactive and reactive.

a. proactive (you go out and find the lead)

b. reactive (You wait for the lead)

Agents who steadily increase their income rely heavily on proactive lead generation. Agents who create a minimum business rely on reactive lead generation.

The Change You Need to Make Now in your Business Plan

We don’t want to wait until the market sweeps us along. Instead, we need to keep communicating–but communicate differently. Right now, we need to be in a “pre-lead” state of mind. Our communications to our database, our target markets, and our clients need to be different from our regular modes of contact.

Pivoting to a Pre-Lead Generation Plan

What is a Pivot Business Plan? It’s a short-term plan that has the right kinds of communication to the right target markets at the right time. I’ll be sharing my 60-Day Pivot Business Plan in an upcoming webinar, announced next week.

Get ready.

Right now, look at the communications you’re creating with your client base. Are they appropriate for the climate now? Do they ‘ring true’ with who you are? Are they speaking to that target base in a way that is meaningful to the base?

In the next few blogs, I’ll be leading you through a process to create those messages, so you have unassailable confidence in your communications, and are building your business with purpose during this time.

Watch for my webinar, being announced next week, on building that 60-Day Pivot Business Plan so you’re controlling your income, not the market



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