Do you want someone to just give you the scripts so you can have all those objection answers? Are you frantic to learn the ‘right answers’ to all objections? Come on, be honest. Are you one of those people who says to the instructor, “Say that again so I can write it down.”

Parroting Objection Answers Drives Clients Crazy

If so, you’ll drive that client crazy. Not only will you create an adversarial relationship by throwing back that answer, you may miss what’s really important to the client.

Old-Style Sales is—Old Style

The traditional sales trainers taught scripts for all sales situations. Agents memorized the scripts and threw them at unsuspecting clients. The problem:

Today, most clients know the scripts—and don’t like to be treated as a ‘non-human’.

What to Do Instead

Getting examples of answers to objections are fine. But, that pre-supposes that your client’s objection is exactly attuned to that answer. So, don’t memorize the specific words to objection answers and insult your client by regurgitating them. Instead, learn a process to answer objections. That process should include:

  1. How to accept the objection and respect the client
  2. How to get more information
  3. How to craft the best answer for the objection

You’ll Never Be at a Loss for Words

When you learn a process for crafting objection answers, rather than trying to memorize someone elses script, you’ll never be a loss for words. Never again will you have to say: “Just give me the script”. And, your clients will like you much better, too.

The Process, the Examples, and The Role-Plays–all Here

Want a fun and easy method to learn how to handle any objection? I’ve made these resources with flashcards with common objections AND example dialogue on the back of each. In addition, I teach you how to craft your own objection answers. Finally, we role-play common objections and handling on an audio CD.

To get more information on Buyers and Sellers’ Objection Busters, click here.