New agents: Stop doing these five things and start making money!

New agents unwittingly act themselves out of the business by doing five things that actually cost them money, instead of making them money. Below are the five things you MUST quit doing.

Are You Starting the Business or Waiting to Start the Business?

Why are you waiting to start your business? What do I mean? After all, you’ve probably been ‘starting your business’–you think.  You feel you need to do all kinds of things before you actually start talking to people. I know. You’re scared spitless to start actually selling real estate. So, instead, you do all the other ‘stuff’ that keeps you out of trouble–that is, away from clients! After all, you want to te prepared!

That other stuff includes:



Social networking (do some of those people do anything else?!)

Going to classes (you just have to know everything before you talk to a person, don’t you?)

And, the very worst, I think, looking at pretty houses.

Why Are These Activities So Bad?

If you are using Up and Running in 30 Days, or Up and Running in Real Estate, you already know the answer. Those activities actually keep you away from selling real estate. As we say in Up and Running,

the business starts when you start talking to people.

Yes, I know. You want to be educated. You want all that training. You want to be confident. But, here’s the big secret:

Performance increases competence and confidence.

Nothing Wrong with Preparation–in Context

Yes, you want to be prepared. Yes, you want to market yourself. Yes, you want to know the inventory. But, you need to put that in perspective.

False Confidence from Getting Ready to Get Ready

The problem about thinking you are getting confidence from all the Support Activities I listed above is that they don’t really make you confident. You just think you are getting somewhere for a short period of time.

Do it and you will gain confidence and competence. What are you waiting for? When are you going to start talking to people–so you can make money?

Are Your Priorities Making or Costing You Money?

It’s so easy to get off-track. We all have been there. If you’re struggling to make those sales, you need a program that teaches you priorities, gives you a success path, and the prioritized actions to get there. Oh, and there’s that positive motivation built in you need to keep on keeping on!

You need Up and Running in Real Estate. Check it out here–all online, so you can go at your own speed, too. Click here to see more.