New real estate agents: Here are 10 questions to ask yourself to make money fast.

New agents blithely think they’re going into real estate as a career, and don’t realize they must treat as a business–their own business–just like you were starting your own clothing boutique or coffee shop. To succeed, you need a different kind of business start–not the kind of start most training programs provide. 

From interviewing and training thousands of new agents throughout my managing and speaking career, I’ve observed why  new agents’ reality doesn’t match their dreams. Take a look at the questions below. Stumbling agents can’t answer them. In addition, they may be getting no, or little guidance from their managers. Not having the combination of these two things almost assures their failure.

If you’re unsure whether you will reach your goals, (or even make enough money to stay in the business), ask yourself these 10 questions:

1.  Do I have a ‘start-up’ plan—a plan that tells me what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and why to do it? (Or, do I just come to the office and ‘go with the flow’)? In your first 30 days in the business, did you have a prioritized action plan based on a successful agent’s day, week, month, and year in the business? 

2. Am I waiting for someone to tell me what to do each day, or do I have focus and purpose with my plan? (it doesn’t work to ask your manager what to do each day, and, as a newer agent just told me, your manager answers, “Mail some postcards.” You wouldn’t expect a Starbucks franchise to ‘guide’ the new franchisee that way, and you’re not going to get a business start with that kind of  piecemeal ‘advice’!)

3. Do I have a daily schedule that is prioritized with the business actions most important to me to assure I make money? (If you’re just relying on your office for its floor time and meeting schedule, you aren’t in the business!)

4. Do I know the best methods of lead generation—and how to implement them? (You can’t wait for ‘training’ that starts in 3 months to start your business! Well, not unless you have at least a year’s savings and you aren’t desperately depressed when you never make a sale….. 

5. Do I know the numbers? (how many contacts does it take to get a lead, how many leads to get an appointment, how many appointments to get a listing, showing, how many showings to get a sale, how many marketable listings will sell) (If you don’t, you are destined to be an ‘on accident’ agent—only selling someone something when the stars are aligned).

6. Do I know how long it will take to get a sale? To get a listing? To get a listing sold? (so you can project your income) (New agents tend to wait, and wait, and wait, to get into the business ‘stream’, thinking that there is no time frame to buyers’ decisions—wrong!)

7. Do I have a method of setting goals and tracking accomplishments in the areas above—so I can analyze my specific strengths and challenges in this business? (Most agents never track what they do, so they don’t know what worked—or why what they’re doing isn’t working).

8. Do I have a budget so I know how much money I should be spending in marketing myself/marketing my listings? Do I know how much money it takes each month to pay my bills and to invest in my business?

9. Do I have someone to talk to regularly, to coach me, to keep me on track, and to help me if I fall off my start-up plan (to keep me from failing)?

10. Do I have a method to keep myself motivated and inspired to keep on keeping on (like a coach or your manager)?

If you can’t answer the questions above with authority and confidence, you need much more business direction than you’re getting now. It’s time for you to get serious about real estate as a business, and grasp a proven business start-up plan and the support you need to assure your success.

Managers: My survey of hundreds of agents under 3 months in the business showed that the majority expected a sale their first month in the business. Guess in what month they are mentally and emotionally out of the business? Month two. That means we must provide a start-up plan with actions and coaching that literally gets agents ‘up and running’, not slowly crawling…. 

No matter the market, it’s your job to provide them a comprehensive start-up plan and coach them to it, to assure your investment in them pays off—and their investments in themselves pay off, too.

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Almost all agents get ‘training’. They learn lots of ‘good stuff’. Agents expect their training to launch their real estate careers. Yet, most either get out of the business their first year, or make only 1-2 sales.  Obviously, their training didn’t work! 

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