I have a company of about 25 agents.  Training is a big issue with us, as I am sure it is with all real estate companies.  I have been coached and worked with a variety of coaches over the years, and I have to say, I am very pleasantly surprised at Carla’s ‘Up & Running Program’. As I read and listened to her cd’s , I had many aha moments.  I guess, in some areas , I was just missing the big picture.  From her course , I realized that I was truly doing the new agent an injustice by not creating a plan for him or her to follow.  I have had many agents come and go , without selling real estate.  I guess I just felt like I was being totally democratic and fair by giving almost anyone that came to me an opportunity to try real estate; the reality was that I knew at the interview that some of these agents would have to overcome huge obstacles before they would achieve any success and that I was wasting their time and my own by bringing them on board.  The other issue was that I felt I was being too demanding and difficult in requiring them to accomplish a set of tasks in their first several months of real estate. The reality was I was most likely wasting their time and my own.  One mistake was that I did not explain to them what our minimum standards were and instead , I kind of blindsided them with it,  when they failed to produce.  I hated even bringing up performance because I did not feel I had given them enough guidance or time to be successful.  Now I bring up all of this before I hire them and get a committment from each agent of what they will do and what the consequences are of not performing.  I am delighted at the direction and the focus of our company and I must say that if I had not entered into Carla’s program, it’s hard to say where our company would be going.  Thank you Carla!

Joe Woutersz, Broker/Owner, Hearth and Home Real Estate