beatles youngWhat in the world do the Beatles have to do with real estate pros success? A lot, I think. We’ve all heard of Paul, George, Ringo, and John—but, does the name “George Martin” ring a bell? Maybe. Martin was the record producer who discovered and molded the Beatles, adding his classical musical background to the Beatles’ creativity to produce the Beatles’ unique and ever evolving sounds.

As a musician myself, I’ve always marveled at how the Beatles put classical musical aspects into their rock ‘n roll. Well, guess what? They didn’t do it by themselves—they melded their talents with Martin. George Martin just died at age 90, and many articles are being written about his collaboration with the Beatles. As I read these articles, I was thinking, “These life and performance lessons are absolutely applicable to us real estate professionals.” So, I culled five life and performance lessons we can learn from their association. Here are the first two, and I’ll continue in my next blog.

  1. Keep improving  your and your team (if you have one) until you are working with the best.

Martin urged Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein to replace drummer Pete Best with Ringo Starr, who he felt was a better drummer.

Is your team the strongest it can be? Who’s holding you back? Who’s hindering your best performance? Who do you need to replace? I know, as an ensemble musician, you never play any better than your worst player! 

  1. Start every listing, buyer and training presentation with an attention-getting ‘hook’.

Quit that boring droning that begins most presentations! Instead, do what Martin suggested: Start with a ‘hook’.   Martin suggested Paul McCartney replace the first verse of Can’t Buy Me Love with the ‘can’t buy me love’ intro. That’s the hook, and we never forget it, do we? Do your listing/buyer and training presentations start with something attention-getting, or do you ‘ease into’ your presentation with banal comments like ‘I’ll keep this short’ or ‘we’ve got a lot to cover’.

Stop being banal and get creative with your opening (we practice this in my Instructor Development Workshop and I teach this in The Ultimate Real Estate Trainer’s Guide).

Applying these Principles with your Agents

Are you working with the best people? If not, why not? What do you need to do with your business to become all you are meant to be?

small CareerAchievment_cvrWho’s Your Partner in your Success?

Are you trying to ‘go it alone? After all, real estate is an ‘independent’ business, right? But, studies show that virtually no one success alone. Why? Because we don’t see ourselves as others see us. We sometimes need some coaching, mentoring, or even a kick in the pants! If you’re at the point in your career where you’re ready to break through that ceiling of achievement, check out our one-on-one unique coaching program, Career Achievement. Request a complimentary consultation here.