Is a real estate team right for you?

You’ve been in the real estate business a few weeks. You’re finding it much more challenging to find clients than you thought. You look down the road and don’t see dollars flowing in. You’re thinking, “Maybe a team is the right choice for me. I’ll get leads and I’ll just have to sell them.”

Not so fast…. As a three-decade owner and manager on the firing line, I’ve seen some teams thrive and many others fail. You want to join a thriving team. Here are the questions an agent should ask before joining a team—questions an agent may not think to ask . These questions and advice come from my new award-winning book, Launching Right in Real Estate: What They Won’t Teach You in Pre-License School.

I’ve gathered the questions I’ve gotten interviewing thousands of would-be agents. I’ve seen the consequences of bad advice. I wrote this book to give you the straight scoop, including advice on choosing to be on a team–or not.

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Join a team or not?

Want those 14 questions? Grab them here. 

Here’s to the best decisions and the right ones for you!