pencil on paperIs 2020 the year you’re going to get a plan? It’s estimated only 10% of real estate agents have a business plan. Yet, almost all would admit that businesses operate much better with a plan. And, we’re in business for ourselves, right?

Why Not Make 2020 the Year You Make a Great Plan…..

Whether you’ve never had a plan, or your plan sat on the shelf, all alone and orphaned through all of last year, why not decide to make 2020 the year you step up to a professional plan–a plan you use each day, week, month, and the whole year to

  • stay focused
  • stay on track
  • avoid wasting time
  • spend money wisely

Wouldn’t that make your professional life (and personal life) easier?

Help in Grabbing a Practical Plan–or Polishing your Planning Process

Each November and December, I feature business planning in my blogs (see Management in a Minute for planning tips for leadership). I want to give you information, and, most of all, motivate and inspire you to create a plan to serve as a practical road map to success in 2020.

Free Planning Documents for You, Too

In some of these blogs, I’ll be providing you planning tools, so you can have a proven process to follow. These are excerpted from my online ‘how to make a business plan’ programs, Beyond the Basics of Business Planning.

How to Get Ready to Plan

Right now, start thinking about what went right in your business this year, and what you want to change. See my previous blog, too, on what to analyze about your last year’s business. I’ll be offering you specific suggestions in my complimentary business planning webinar, coming up soon.

I want 2020 to be a year of growth and opportunity for you–a fulfilling year both professionally and personally.

Check Out the Easy Way to Plan Here

All these analysis tools for making your plan exceptional are all in one place–my online business planning program, Beyond the Basics of Business Planning. Take a look here. There’s a program for agents and a program for leadership. The leaderhship program includes the agents’ program, so you can share that with your whole office.

Also, check back to join my free busines planning webinar coming up in December (more later….).