Interviewing as a real estate agent? Here are the questions I think are most important for a would-be or transferring agent should ask their interviewers. 

Unfortunately, the interview process is not as practiced or prepared by either party as it could be. So, the interviewer doesn’t find out critical information from the candidate, and the candidate asks a few general questions. I hate to say this, but some interviewers spend most of the time selling the candidate on the benefits of that particular company. Candidates get excited and join–and then find out there’s more to the story.

Any Surprises Should be Good Ones

It’s very dis-enheartening when an agent new to an office finds out that something he heard–or assumed–was not exactly  what he found after being hired. Guard against that by fully informing that would-be agent prior to hiring. The only surprises the agent should get are good ones! 

It’s Easy to Get Carried Away in the Interview

 Skilled interviewers ask questions to ‘lead’ a candidate toward the benefits of that particular company. As that candidate, you may not realize the reason for those questions. Flattered and interested, many candidates forget to ask the tough questions they need to ask so they know what they are ‘buying’. 

Those Questions Candidates Should Ask

Here are the questions, excerpted from my new eBook, Launching Right in Real Estate: What They Won’t Teach You in Pre-LIcense School.

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What do you think I’ve missed with this critical list of questions?

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