What if I came up to you and said, “I’d like to buy your buyer process.” Do you actually have one I could see, or, do you grab whatever is handy when you start that whole buyer interaction?  It is amazing to me that agents wait so long to get organized! I remember, though, how confused I was as a new agent. I just didn’t know what to do first. Luckily, though, I quickly found buyers and started selling homes. I’m going to tell you the bare truth: I was not organized, packaged, or, certainly—systematized!

You Can’t Go Very Fast Unless You Have Packages and Systems

What I found, very quickly, was that I had to have ready-to-use systems to serve buyers and sellers as fast as I wanted to move (I sold 40 houses my first year in real estate!). After years of working on them, I created packages for both buyers and sellers that work.

Here are the Packages you Need for Buyers

Your buyers’ system should include

  • A Pre-First Appointment Information Package—to set you apart from the ‘pack’
  • A Consultation Package (I’ve created one I call Your Guide to Purchasing a Home, available in my resource The Complete Buyer’s Agent Toolkit)
  • The Buyers’ System—a resource you provide only to those who sign a Buyer’s Agency Agreement with you, that takes the buyer much deeper into the process

Capture Buyers’ Loyalty and Respect

Creating your Buyer System not only raises your value dramatically to buyers, it creates a track for you and your team to run on. When you treat buyers with the care and systematization you show sellers, your buyer close ratios go way up, and your time management challenges diminish. Why not start competing with very seasoned agents with your own packages? You will greatly increase your confidence, and find the buyer trust you much more quickly.

The Complete Buyer's Agent ToolkitA resource to cut your ‘learning time’ down dramatically:  Take a look at The Complete Buyer’s Agent Toolkit. You can see a sneak preview of the complete toolkit there, too. Make a goal for yourself to get your buyers’ process systematized now, and enjoy the benefits.