How valuable is that lead you just generated? You already know an Internet lead costs, on average, $215 to generate. Have you computed what leads from various sources cost you?

The Days of Waiting for Leads is Over

If you’ve ever spent time generating your own leads, you know what this means. Unfortunately, too many people starting selling real estate when it was ‘on fire’. Their idea of selling is close one person waiting in line and then yell  ‘next’. Well, it’s not that kind of market now. It’s


‘go back’

stay with them as long as it takes’

It’s no longer ‘get ’em wherever they are’, but it’s proactively lead generate consistently.’

How Many Pro-Active Sources Do You Work?

Do you know your best proactive sources? As a new agent, I knew about two people in the area. Because I had no built-in network, I did every kind of lead generation known to man. I worked all the time. I learned by all my mistakes how to generate leads—and the value of a lead. Figure out your best sources of leads and work the heck out of them! Up and Running helps you do just that, by prioritizing sources of leads, too.

Is Purchasing a Lead Better than Self-Generating?

Purchasing a lead is so much easier than generating your own. But, you must treat that lead like the potential gold it is, so you’ll be the Jerry of sales, not the George. (see my earlier blog about the differences in lead conversion skills of Jerry and George….)

Ready to Step Up to Longer Term Planning?

If you’ve worked on Up and Running for over six months, it’s time to review your best sources of leads, and step up to a longer-term business planning system. Check out The Business Planning System for the Real Estate Professional.