applause with peopleWe’re familiar with ‘fans’ on Facebook (see my Carla Cross & Co. on Facebook. ) But, how do we gain’fans’? And why is it important to us as real estate agents?

It’s one thing if you’re a performer. You may think it’s another thing if you’re a manager. It occurred to me that the words “followers” (Twitter) and “fans” (Facebook) are borrowed from the performance world–a world I lived in for many years. I thought you’d like to get some skills in creating ‘fans’ or ‘followers’–not just how to use these programs, but, more importantly, how to create FF’s–admirers.

What’s ‘Admirable’?

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably involved somehow in selling to or managing people (that includes managing families, too!). So, it would be helpful to know how to create admirers–in the best sense of the word. Why? Admirers do several things for you (and you must do several things for them, of course):

They refer others to you with enthusiasm

They provide ‘positive grapevine’ promotion for you

They help you discover strengths you may not have known you have (think branding)

They see the best in you when you’re sometimes not seeing it in yourself!

What You Need to Do to Create ‘Admirers

I worked my way through college and graduate school playing piano in bars (I sure learned a lot about human nature!). As a musician, I learned, to have admirers, I had to do 2 things: 1. Play the music they wanted to hear 2. Play the music they wanted to hear the way they wanted to hear it To do this, I learned literally thousands of tunes and dozens of styles. Now, I was set to gain followers/admirers (and tips, of course!. In other words, you have to make yourself someone that can be admired (when did you take your last true listing or buyer presentation course? ‘people management’ course?)

What does that mean to you as a agent? You have to figure out the needs that they want filled, and fill them the way they want them filled. 

Appreciation: The best Tool to Gain Admirers

There are many ways to gain ‘followers’. The easiest is to lavishly use appreciation. How often do you appreciate? Probably not as often as you could. This is one of the most effective, low-cost, and happy methods to motivate and gain admirers you can imagine. Yet, few managers use this effectively (and I mean to be sincere about it, of course). I’ve created a white paper on the principles of motivation, along with over 25 ways to appreciate. Click here to get your copy. How do you create fans? Do you think they’re important to you?

small CareerAchievment_cvrWho’s Your Partner in your Success?

Are you trying to ‘go it alone? After all, real estate is an ‘independent’ business, right? But, studies show that virtually no one success alone. Why? Because we don’t see ourselves as others see us. We sometimes need some coaching, mentoring, or even a kick in the pants! If you’re at the point in your career where you’re ready to break through that ceiling of achievement, check out our one-on-one unique coaching program, Career Achievement. Request a complimentary consultation here.