Awaken and inspire the exceptional YOU!

We’re into a new year. Are you focused? Are you inspired? Have goals that excite you? If not, you’re not alone! After an ‘on fire’ real estate market, (which is a great motivator…), the 2023 market was challenging, to say the least.

Firing Yourself Up When the Market Doesn’t Inspire You

I know you didn’t go into real estate just to pick off a deal. Well, at least, I hope you didn’t! That mindset just won’t get you anywhere in 2024. Instead, now’s the time to envision what you want for yourself—and what you’re willing to do to get it. You went into real estate to be your own boss, to attain the stature and income you feel you deserve. Now, act on it.

Inspiring the Exceptional You—Strategies and Audio

From creating performances when I didn’t know if I could even get on stage, to helping others find their passion and act on it—I’ve found certain things that work to drive us to where we really want to go. You have these things in you. It’s just a matter of awakening them when you need them. That’s a skill. Find those skills in my insights below.

Grab my insights here. (strategies and audio)

Managers: This is great to use in your meetings. Do some of the exercises with your agents. You’ll have fun and they’ll feel invigorated to tackle 2024.

Gaining Direction in a Challenging 2024

Need solid direction and a sense of purpose? Check out my unique online program, Up and Running in Real Estate. It’s the only program for new agents foundationed in a proven business start-up plan.  If you’re tired of wallowing around in indecision, in ‘try this’ suggestions, and tired of failing, Up and Running is for you.