kid with dogHow do you assure your clients love you? A more basic question is: How would you know if they love you? The best way to gauge how you’re doing is to use a customer survey.

Do you use a written customer satisfaction survey after closing? I asked dozens of attendees on my webinar. The choices for answers were:




Yes, and survey once or more during the sales process

Should You Care What they Think?

About three quarters of the respondents never or only sometimes used a customer satisfaction survey after closing! On the other side of the tracks, five percent used a survey once or more during the sales process.  So, only about a quarter of the agents surveyed consistently used a customer survey tool to gauge customer satisfaction levels, make changes as needed—and create long-term loyalty.

Our Industry is Far Behind in Customer Service

Every time you go into a restaurant, you get surveyed. Every time you take your car in to get it serviced, you get surveyed. I’ll bet you can think of a myriad of other services and products that survey. Yet, our industry has lagged decades behind others in caring about—and responding to consumer needs. In fact, the California Association of Realtors’ 2009 survey on overall satisfaction with agent used showed that a whopping 4% of clients were satisfied!!!! (See the graph below:)

Real Estate Agent Client Satisfaction Ratings
Real Estate Agent Client Satisfaction Ratings

Your Customer Survey Form is a Click Away

There are so many benefits to using customer surveys:

  1. You find out how you did
  2. You find out what you need to improve on
  3. You have an opportunity to ‘fix it fast’ and get them back
  4. You get glowing testimonials
  5. You build a ‘tribe’ of committed long-term clients

Click here to download your customer survey. Let me know how it works for you!