Most agents struggle with time management. Here’s how to allocate your time to make more money easier.

I’m just finishing my eBook, Launching Right in Real Estate: What They Don’t Teach You in Pre-License School. In it, I’ve put several self-analysis tools to help those interested people decide whether they will love real estate, are willing to do the work, and what it takes to succeed.  In addition, I’ve put several exhibits to help would-be and new agents get off to a fast start.

Where You Spend Your Time Determines the Money You Make

We may be fighting the advice from our training or top agents. In truth, though, there is one way to assure we make money: Talk to people–LOTS of people. Look at the time commitments I’ve recommended:



Analyze Your Time Management Against My Allocations

Go back a month in your planner. Count the number of hours you spend in various activities. How closely are you following the recommendations above? What do you want to change?

Make a New Schedule with your New Allocations

In Up and Running in Real Estate, my online business planning/training/accountability start-up program, we compare prototype scheduling with poor scheduling. We make our own schedules, analyze, and make adjustments. Result: More commissions in less time.

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