What in the world can a pianist teach you about getting higher performance. A lot, I think. Having tickled the ivories since age 4, and having taught and played all types of piano for many years, I’ve learned the secrets of ‘action performance’.  Since going into real estate sales, management, and training, I’ve taken those performance secrets and concepts and put them to work in training and coaching. It’s a much different approach to getting good–mastering real estate–and it works.

Take This Opportunity to Change Your Performance Level

It’s the new year. Are you ready to move that ceiling of achievement you’ve been batting your head against? 2013 is the year you can do it! Without new skills, we just keeping working harder, not smarter. The really bad thing about continuing to beat your head against that ceiling, is that it hurts more and more. You spend more energy just trying to accomplish the same thing.

 Too Much Energy, Too Little Results

Worse yet, we bounce off that ceiling and hit a new low every thing we get up the energy to try to break through it. Not only that, the last few years have been discouraging for many in real estate. Don’t give up on yourself! You do have the talent, the skill, and the determination to succeed at a much higher level again.

All Performers Hit ‘Ceilings of Achievement’

 As a long-time performing pianist and flutist (I spent the first thirty years of my life playing and teaching music), I had to learn how to constantly change up my playing for the better. In these next few blogs, I’m going to share what I learned as a musician that will change your 2013 performance dramatically—for the better.

You Aren’t as Good as You Can Be—I Promise

I just did a talk for our area’s Women’s Council, on how to have a much better 2013—how to smash through that ceiling of achievement. (Title: Everything I learned about Achievement I learned from Tickling’ the Ivories—also the title of my latest keynote).

As a four-year old, I climbed up on the piano bench and figured out, by ear, how to play “Sue City Sue”—with bass notes, chords, rhythm, melody—the whole shebang. I was acclaimed as a little kid. However, as I got a little older, I found that playing by ear just wasn’t getting me to be a better player. Here’s what I did to get to concert artistry level, and earn a bachelor’s in piano performance—and how you can translate these performance principles to your real estate business.

 Do you have some business plan goals for yourself this year to raise your ceiling of achievement? What do you believe is most valuable for you to work on?

In my next blog, I’ll share the concepts from music that I’ve adapted to my own performance, my training, and my coaching programs to help others achieve much higher performance.