Real estate agents: What’s your plan right now? Have you re-aligned your plan with what’s going on in your market?

Got your pivot business plan? Oh, let’s get real. What percentage of real estate agents have a business plan in the first place?

Having a ‘pivot’ plan right now will mean whether you’re still in the business in three months. Why? Because most real estate agents flock into the business when it’s on fire, and then wait or get out of the business when it comes to a screeching halt. That doesn’t have to be you. 

What You Need in a ‘Pivot’ Plan

In the next few blogs, I’ll be showing you my complete pivot business plan. For right now, I want you to get ready with these items: 

  1. How many people do you have in your database? If you don’t have a database, populate one RIGHT NOW!
  2. Identify where you could increase the number of people in your database; Facebook, other social media, community groups, church, hobbies, prior work, Christmas card list, people you exchange services with (dentist, hair stylist, etc.) (What can YOU think of?)
  3. Three methods of communication you’ve heard about that come from contribution during this challenging time (contributing to food banks, making masks, delivering food to emergency workers–you gather up at least 3 of these)
  4. Write down how you could come from contribution and how would you communicate that to specific target markets in your database

For the next few blogs, I’ll be expanding on these 4 points, and will be helping you flesh out that business plan.

Suggestion: Talk to your manager about these four points and get his/her input. 

Thought for the day: I didn’t have success, so I had to start without it.                                 Jonathan Winters, one of the greatest comedians of all time

Online Training: And I’ll Coach You, Too

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Especially for this market: I have made adjustments in the 8-week plan to reflect this market. I’ll be personally coaching clients weekly with special activities that will work for you in this market–and beyond. (at no extra cost to you.)

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