New real estate agents have a million things to do–in every direction. Unfortunately, they neglect to do the things that establish them as a professional. And, even more unfortunate, many seasoned agents never get around to these fundamental actions that begin your branding. It doesn’t have to be that way. Look professional from the first day you’re in real estate. These tips are critical to start your career fast. The best part, these actions are all FREE (except for the professional picture).

Present Professionalism from Day One so your Potential Clients can Choose You

These five action steps are excerpted from my award-winning book for would-be and new agents, Launching Right in Real Estate: What They Won’t Teach You in Pre-License School. Even though these are really simple to do, they make a huge impact on your business. (and if you don’t do them, they also have an impact on your business….) So, put them at the top of your list and do them now.

Note: I’ve also given you some research assignments, so you won’t have to take my word for it. Check the research out and draw your own conclusions!

1. Use a professional email address–the one your company offers you or your website address. Which sounds more professional: or Remember, it takes 6 times of meeting you before someone remembers your name. You want to be associated with your company or your own website with your email address. (For instance, my email is Your company email is free. It’s professional. You get more space to save messages. (Don’t you love it when you try to email someone and the message says the email is full…..real professional, huh)?

Do some research. Look at other agents’ email addresses. If I email you and your email address sounds personal, what do you think I conclude about your dedication to real estate as your career?

2. Create a professional voice mail message, one that mentions your company name. That personal, casual voice mail you love just doesn’t cut it. (‘Hi, this is daddyO. Leave me a message and I may catch you later….”. That sure inspires me to use DaddyO as a real estate professional, yes?) Even worse, a negative message is sent when an agent uses a canned voice mail message–or none at all. Would you work with someone like that? See voice mail tips at And–don’t let that voice mail box fill up. That’s just yelling “I’m not paying attention to my business and you aren’t important….”

Do some research. Call some agents and listen to their voice mail messages. Do you fee energized when you listen? Do they sound professional?

3. Create your biography on all sites right away,. (this includes Google Business, Zillow, your company website, LinkedIn,, your professional Facebook page, etc.) You want to strive for a consistent image through all sites.

Do some research. Look at some of the bio sites (including your company website), and see how many agents just don’t bother to tell people who they are, what they do, and how they can assist clients. See information on creating your biography here.

4. Have a professional head shot taken and get your picture on those bio sites NOW. We identify and remember faces much better than names. Take advantage of that! Recently, I tried to find an agent on her company website. I thought I knew her first name, but I didn’t know the spelling. So, I thought I’d just scroll through until I found her picture (I have met her and she’s very attractive). Ha! She didn’t have her picture on the site, even though she is a very good agent and has been in the business several years. We remember faces way before we remember names. Take advantage of it! Be sure, too, that you use a professional, conservative portrait (no low necklines or gaudy jewelry for women; no too-casual or tight clothing for me. Avoid too trendy clothes unless you want to attract only those who like those trends.)

Do some research. Look at your company website (or other company websites). If an agent doesn’t have his picture on the site, what conclusion do you draw? Since we remember faces way better than we remember names, would you be able to contact that ‘faceless’ agent after you attended an open house if you didn’t catch his name?

5. Create a professional brand from day one, so your social media and biography remain consistent across all platforms. Check out your competition.

Do some research. What is their branding? Is it consistent? Haphazard? No branding at all?

Note: Start your career fast to a sale. In my online training/coaching business start-up plan for new agents, Up and Running in Real Estate, I provide tips and templates for creating a introduction and effective biography, so you’ll present your best self from day one in the business.

The Test: If You Didn’t Know You, Who Would You Think You Were?

Potential clients are meeting agents all the time. And, a majority look online before choosing an agent. Why should you bother with all this branding? Because most agents don’t bother. You want to stand out from the rest. You want to appear ready, willing, and able to competently serve the client. Help people remember who you are, so they can be confident in your professionalism. You will gain and keep more business with these 5 easy tips–I promise!!

Managers: Use these tips for your agents in your onboarding process. Getting them started right is a lot of the battle for success.

Invaluable Information for Pre-License AND Launching Agents

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