If you’re like most newer agents, you expect to make a good living in real estate.

I surveyed over 150 agents under three months in the business to find out how much money they expected to make their first year. I was surprised at the results. 92% of the new agents surveyed expected to make more than the median income of all Realtors. The most stunning statistic, though, from these new agents, was that 65% expected incomes in the $31,000 to 75,000 range–their first year in the business!  This survey of new agents was done to gather research for my book, Become Tomorrow’s Mega-Agent Today.

When Do You Expect to Get a Check?

Another stunning finding from the research was that 62% of the new agents expected to get a check in their first sixty days in the business!  They expect to hit the ground running.  What about you. When do you expect to get that first check?

What Are You Going to Do to Get that Sale?

Now, here’s where reality steps in. In my survey about 66% of the agents didn’t know the work it took to make a sale! Unfortunately, then, most of those monetary goals were just dreams. That’s where Up and Running in 30 Days comes in. It lays down a work plan, divided into hours of the week, priorities, activity goals, and expectations from my studying thousands of newer agents. Here’s what I mean. Do you know:

The number of times you must put people in your car to sell someone a home?

The number of listing presentations you must do to list a marketable property?

The number of your transactions that will close?

The number of lead generating activities you must do each week to reach those goals?

When you know these ratios, you know the work you need to do to reach your goals.

Grab That Start-Up Plan and Work It

So, break down your monetary goals by the month. Now, back up those goals into lead generation activities and qualifying activities. Now, work your plan.

To make it easy on yourself, simply get the proven start-up plan used by hundreds of thousands of agents who become successful: Up and Running in 30 Days. Too many agents fail because they just don’t know the work–or the kind of work–it takes to be successful. Don’t let that be you!

Managers: I’ve created a ‘coaching companion’, too, so you can support your agents’ goals. Check out Managers: Putting Up and Running to Work.