Thinking of getting into real estate or in real estate and wondering if it’s the right career for you? Take this new self-analysis.

Are you having doubts about whether real estate is the right career for you? Or, are you in pre-license now and wondering if you’ll love selling real estate?

In my new book, Launching Right in Real Estate: What They Won’t Teach You in Pre-License School, I provide several self-analysis tools so people can make the decision that’s right for them. Unfortunately, often would-be agents are not informed. Instead, they’re sold. They get excited about real estate as a career, see the ‘easy money’, and think it’s for them. Not so fast. Selling real estate can be a wonderful career for the right person. And, it’s the wrong career for some people, too. 

Use This for a Great Career Night or Pre-Interview 

Instead of trying to convince everyone in a career night presentation to join the office, why not take the opportunity to let the person do some self-analysis so there’s the right decision?

Discover The Kind of Job You Prefer 

Take the self-analysis below to get more insight into whether you would love selling real estate–or maybe why you’re not completely sold on real estate as a career right now.

Is Real Estate Right for You?

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