trainer at boardDo you show sellers your marketing plan? Or, are you using the old term, “listing presentation” to describe what you will do for the seller to sell their home?

Are you telling the sellers all the wonderful things you’ll do to sell their home–or are you showing them?

Are you explaining verbally, or do you have a concrete detailed marketing plan that you give them?

Today, savvy agents are presenting “marketing plans”, not giving listing presentations. Why? Because you want to describe what you’re going to do for the seller in action terms. To get the commissions you expect, you must compete on “added value” issues. These are best stated in your marketing plan.

Five Points to Have in your Marketing Plan

Here are 5 points to remember as you create your plan:

1. It’s an action plan—what you will do for the seller

2. It’s specific—it has dates for what will be done and who does it

3. It’s not about what the company will do—it’s about what you will do

4. It is stated either as a checklist, as a calendar of events, and/or in visuals.

5. It has a section on pricing, but the pricing, or market analysis, is only one part of the plan

Which is More Impressive?

Picture this. You’re the seller. You’re in front of a listing agent who shows the company listing presentation and tells you all the wonderful things the company will do–and how great the company is. Then, the next agent comes in. Her presentation is focused on what she will do for you. She provides you a detailed marketing plan with dates and a checklist that she says she follows–and will report back to you. She gives you evidence that her marketing plan gets results. Who would you list with?

Which agent are you?

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