When I was managing for a large Northwest company, I was fascinated that the owner had no plan. But, what he did have was a calendar. And, on that calendar, he wrote all the things he had to do. in fact, I don’t think he knew the difference between a prioritized strategic plan and a list of things to do……Although he got a lot done, the company zigzagged in various directions, because it didn’t have a cohesive, focused purpose.  The lesson:

You can get a lot done, but you can’t necessarily achieve your goals with purpose if all those activities has no ‘core’.

Do You Have a List–or a Prioritized Plan?

It’s great to write down what you have to do that day or week. But, if it has nothing to do with your goals, it’s kind of an exercise in futility! So, if you don’t have a prioritized start-up plan, you’re missing the opportunity to ‘train your brain’ to success. You’ll find yourself going in many directions. You’ll have trouble deciding which direction is right for you.

What’s In a Prioritized Start-Up Plan

So, then, what is an effective business start-up plan? And, what else do you need? An effective business start-up plan has these attributes:

1. An organized activity schedule that has certain activities prioritized first, so you can manage your time effectively—throughout your career. These are lead generating activities.

2. A schedule that has certain activities scheduled secondarily—and why—so you don’t teach yourself to be a failed agent. These are business-supporting activities (meetings, playing computer, paperwork, etc.)

3. A road-map for a continuing plan, so you can continue growing your business to the next level.

Your Plan must be Integrated with Training and Coaching

But, that’s not all you need. You need integrated programs with a skilled coaching professional (it can be your manager, or an outside coach), to help you implement successfully. You need a cohesive system of development. I’ve developed such a system, and I call it the New Agent’s Development System. Here’s a flow chart:

Click here to get a copy.

Here’s the question: Are you developing your career with clarity and purpose? Is your manager guiding your development with his/her development plan? Do you have a prioritized business start-up plan so you know what to do each day–and why you’re doing it?