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In my upcoming webinar on Nov. 29 or Dec, 6 (click here), I’ll discuss how to create a business plan that works just for you.

Congratulations. Perhaps you’re using Up and Running in 30 Days as your start-up plan. If you are, you don’t have to worry about getting into some ‘grammy’ planning habits. But, maybe you’re ready to do a long-term plan. Read below to see if you’re a candidate for longer term planning.

Are You a Candidate for Longer-Term Planning?

You are, if:

  • You’ve completed over 8 transactions this year (so you can look back on your business)
  • You’ve been in the business at least 6 months (so you have the lead generating habits entrenched that you learned in Up and Running)
  • You understand and use all the concepts in Up and Running

Avoiding Grammy’s Plan

What do I mean by ‘Grammy’s Plan? That’s the old simple goal setting ‘fill in the blanks’, and/or “How much money do you want to make next year?” method of slap-happy planning. Not only does it not work, you’ll never refer to it again! So, don’t waste your time.

Don’t let anybody give you a pre-done plan. That’s not the idea. It’s your plan. You need to think through all the aspects of your business. You need a template to help you think through that business. There is not ‘right plan’ for you. There are only the various aspects of your business that you’d want to look at–in a particular order.

(Take a look at Beyond the Basics of Business Planning, my exclusive online strategic business planning process for real estate pros.)

What To Look for in a Planning System

Does it cover the whole strategic planning process? Vision, review, mission, objectives, and a detailed action plan

Does it lead you to answer critical questions about your business?

Does it help you access changes in the real estate market and all trends that could impact your business?

Does it provide you a way to get inspired about your plan?

Your planning system could be leading you astray. Check out various systems to assure they’re more than just ‘filling in some blanks’. Here’s to a great 2018!

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