Here are the five questions to ask in the interview. They probably aren’t the questions you’ve thought about.

I’ve just finished my new book, Launching Right in Real Estate: What They Won’t Teach You in Pre-License School. It addresses every question I’ve been asked by the hundreds of would-be agents I’ve interviewed. 

Agents Get Many Misperceptions about the Business 

Interviewers want to sell the company, the office, and themselves. That’s fine. But, many would-be agents draw the wrong conclusions from those sales pitches. They get the idea that real estate is easy. They hear they are special. They assume they will make gazillions of bucks–just like they see in those reality TV shows.  Plus, they get information from other sources: Their agent friends, their other friends, etc. The result is that they go into the business with rose-colored glasses. That’s why it’s estimated that over half of all agents who enter the business in any given year are out of the business by the end of that year.  

Look Behind the Curtain

Besides the sales presentations, would-be agents need a full picture of the business, so they can make good decisions. In my Launching book, I give would-be agents the facts about real estate sales. I provide them self-analysis tools so they can find out if they are good candidates for this business. In addition, I give them the five most important questions they should ask their interviewer. Here they are:



Get the Proof of those Claims

Throughout the book, I advise candidates to ask for proof of claims. They hear:

“Our training program is great.” 

“You can make lots of money here.”

“We provide leads.”

“Our new agents make money fast.”

Instead of accepting these statements, ask to see outlines, schedules, and statistics. The great managers will be happy to back up what they say; the poor managers will provide bluster.

Your turn: What have you heard in interviews that you found was not true? 

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